How to Drift Sumi-e Video

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7 Responses to “How to Drift Sumi-e Video”

  1. Pete says:

    Any plans to make this for the palm pre? I’d buy it.

  2. […] We don’t spend a whole lot of time on iPhone apps around here because A) I don’t own and iPhone and B) they make me jealous. Every now and then something comes along that’s just too cool to pass up, though, and this falls into that category. It’s called the Drift Sumi-e app, and unlike most racing simulators, instead of sticking you behind the wheel, the app lets you draw out your car’s course, then watch as a tiny robotic driver does his best to toe your line. The graphics are outstanding. Hop the jump to see the game in the flesh, and since it’s only $.99, we don’t need to tell you to download the real thing. [Source: DriftSumi-e] […]

  3. Piner says:

    You guys should make a version for the Zune HD, Please please make one….

  4. allister says:

    Thanks for the input! We’ll rollout a poll soon to start gauging interest in other platforms. Keep an eye out.

  5. […] the hood is the advertisement for the Drift Sumi-e game for the iPhone, which is available NOW on the iPhone App Store! Go get […]

  6. xbox font says:

    hdmi xbox…

    Two wrongs don’t create a right, but two Wrights made a jet….

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