Opening Week

As our opening week wraps-up, we’d like to glance back on some of the feedback and events as well as share some news.

  • Introductory pricing will soon draw to a close. We like to believe Drift Sumi-e is priceless, but in a world of overhead and diaper expenses, we have to be a little practical. If you haven’t tried Drift Sumi-e yet, now is a great time to get in on the ground floor. If you have, tell a friend. We promise the non-introductory price will still be worth your time and money. Look for a newsflash soon on what features and updates we have in store.
  • We launched our official trailer. This hopefully gives a better idea of what gameplay is like.
  • The “DS Car” made its debut at the Fatlace Team Drift competition. Great crowd. Great vibe.

Some Early Results

We’ll be using this adjoining week to shine some light on the “S” behind “DS” – the sumi-e artform. What exactly is “su-me-eh” and how does it tie into the game? Stay tuned.

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