Drift Sumi-e™ (su-me-eh), an inspired fusion of art and driving is welcomed to the App Store as “New and Noteworthy.”

Drift Sumi-e™ (su-me-eh), an inspired fusion of art and driving is welcomed to the App Store as “New and Noteworthy.”

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February 25, 2010 – San Francisco Bay Area

A unique perspective on the racing genre, mobile game application Drift Sumi-e earns a “New and Noteworthy” designation as it makes its debut on the iPhone and iPod Touch platforms. Using the aesthetic of the Sumi-e (su-me-eh) art form, a user paints his or her brush line after being presented with a course. As the artist, the user is then asked to skillfully navigate a drift course, observing drift-specific rules and techniques. From there, the canvas comes to life, beautifully materializing before the artist’s eyes.

Sumi-e is an ageless style of brush painting that stresses capturing the essence of the subject.

Drifting is itself an art form, rooted in a driving technique that focuses on finessing a car in a slide.

Objectify brought in Calvin Wan, professional motorsports driver, to consult on art direction and lend authenticity to course design. Paired with the U.S. drift scene pioneer was Atrophy Studios, Inc. Atrophy successfully emulated real-world driving physics, emphasizing proper drift mechanics to achieve a level of detail yet unseen on the platform.

“We’re in very select company and humbled by the ‘New and Noteworthy’ mention especially when considering the wealth of great content that is the App Store,” noted Allister Capati, Founder, Objectify LLC. “A key element of our mission is to help shine the light on these two distinct yet beautiful forms of art – Sumi-e and drifting. With this honor, we are one step closer to helping people discover art in all its forms.”

For more information, please contact:

Christina Lundberg
Marketing and Communications Manager
Objectify LLC

About Objectify LLC

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Objectify is a one-stop consulting company focused on harnessing the power of technology to turn raw concepts into reality. Seeking to innovate the mobile and web application space through its dream projects, Objectify also provides for-hire services to get your project off the ground through a rich arrangement of consulting, design and development offerings. More information can be found at www.objectifyllc.com.

About Calvin Wan Racing

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, a Hollywood stunt driver and motorsports professional since 1996, Calvin Wan is an active ambassador to the world of drifting. More information can be found at www.calvinwan.com.

About Atrophy Studios, Inc.

Atrophy Studios, Inc. is an independent developer of games and software based in San Francisco, California, with experience across a range of platforms and genres. More information can be found at www.atrophystudios.com.

Drift Sumi-e Press Release 2.25.2010

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