Update v1.1 Submitted

Thanks to your input and support, we’ve submitted our first update! Here’s your inside preview at what’s been keeping us busy.


  • The “1990” Car. Inspired by the decade that re-introduced the small roadster and the re-birth of some legendary sports cars.

  • Rush Hour. This new mode is enabled through the Options Menu. Turn this on, hit the track and use the “finger-hold-to-screen” technique to speed to a green light start and speed up background transitions.

  • Factoids. Learn more about drifting and Sumi-e.


  • Improved game flow – better draw response, mid-level restart, easier path to the score screen, resume to your previous screen after an interruption (like that unexpected call), and any Rank I finish enables the stamp signature feature.
  • Improved Free Draw Mode. More drawing and now you can post and share to the Gallery.
  • Revised Tutorials.
  • Sound Optimization. Added rain effects, tweaked other sound effects (expect a big upgrade in this department soon).

We also did not forget the bug fixes. We’re already hard at work on the next update – including a special new car, new tracks and more. Thanks again for all your support.

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10 Responses to “Update v1.1 Submitted”

  1. Gil Espinosa says:

    I just installed v1.1 and have problems with the gameplay. I cannot draw a line smoothly anymore. It “skips” when drawing the line, making the game unplayable. I am running the latest iPhone firmware on an iPhone 3G. I’ve also tried reinstalling the app and rebooting the iPhone but it did not fix the issue.


  2. Drift Sumi-e says:

    Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into the issue.

  3. Jay_R says:

    is there a forum / faq?

    – how to choose/use the red car?
    – how to delete pics from the gallery?

  4. Drift Sumi-e says:

    Choose the car you want to use in the garage then select Drift in the main menu. Pictures are automatically overwritten in the gallery. You can use the sharing features to save them elsewhere (in an e-mail, Facebook and/or Twitter).

  5. Gil Espinosa says:

    Version 1.1.1 fixed the gameplay issues. Works great now! Thanks for the quick update!

  6. jDUB says:

    Ever since I updated to 1.1.1 when I click on the app and it shows “Objectivity” logo for about 10 seconds then shuts down and I am back to my homescreen:( Please Help!

  7. jDUB says:

    Objectify I mean…whoops sorry.

  8. AndroidFan says:


    Do you already or do you have plans to release this application for the Android market?


  9. allister says:

    Hi, we’ve just pushed out a poll so you can vote. Thanks for letting us know. We know there’s a lot of android fans out there!

  10. Drift Sumi-e says:

    Hi, we’ve just pushed out a poll so you can vote on where else you’d like to see Drift Sumi-e running. Thanks for letting us know (:

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