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Drift Sumi-e is an elegant and technical driving game. The concept of the game is to draw the smoothest drifting line possible, connecting all of the red clipping points, while drawing the line as quickly as possible in order to score the highest points. The “total score” is the combination of your “time” and “line” score.

Starting Point

The “canvas” screen starts by the track surface being drawn out in brush form. You can hold your finger down at this point to speed up the course formation. There will be a signal light sequence that counts down at your designated starting point. After the green light disappears, that signifies that you can start drawing your drifting line. You are timed the moment you touch the screen and begin drawing, not after the green light goes out. The faster you draw, the higher “time score” you get.

Proper Drifting Line

Here is an example of an ideal line for this course. A good drifting line consists of a line that smoothly connects all of the clipping points on the track. Your “line score” will be deducted if your drifting line does not touch the full clipping point areas. Each Drift Sumi-e track has different inner and outer clipping points, increasing in complexity.

Drifting lines are a bit different from racing lines. It is not necessarily the fastest line around the track, but think of it as the most exciting route through the course. To learn more about proper drifting lines and techniques, check out Calvin Wan’s Drifting Handbook @

Improper Drifting Line

Running a middle line throughout the entire course without touching any clipping points is not a proper drift line. Your line score is based on how many clipping points you touch. The more clips you connect, the higher your line score.

Off Course

Your drawing line needs to stay within the track width. Going past the edge of the course will result in a crash during the playback view and a “DNF” (Did Not Finish) score.

Off Course at Finish

Be careful of crashing at the finish line. Passing through the center of the finish area, off the iPhone screen, guarantees a cleaner finish. If the screen does not transition into the “playback view,” then you may have not finished correctly. Retrace the last section of your visible drifting line and pass through the finish again more thoroughly.


Make sure you draw a smooth line throughout the course. If you have any sharp corners in your line, it could result in a spin. Spins will also result in a “DNF” finish.

Straightening Out

Drawing a proper drifting line does involve widening your arc in corners. But drawing too straight of a line, will cause the car to straighten out, resulting in a “DNF” result as well.

DNF Scoreboard

Difficulty will increase as you progress through the courses. Make sure you get good practice by getting multiple 1st place rankings per track. The more the 1st place rankings you achieve, the more you unlock.

Drift Sumi-e :: Experience the Art of Driving

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