DS v1.2 on its way

The next evolution of Drift Sumi-e will soon be making its way to the App Store.

Included in this update is an exciting new partnership we’re happy to announce.


  • The Fatlace Car.

Brought to you by Fatlace – online magazine and makers of urban lifestyle apparel and accessories.

Take this ’60s/’70s-inspired throwback, complete with Fatlace designed graphics, for a scenic ride on the courses you’re familiar with in addition to 2 new courses we’ve created in line with the Drift Sumi-e (su-me-eh) feel…

  • Embarcadero is something a little different and decidedly urban. Pass by lamp posts in  favor of foliage as you navigate the course.

  • Drift Heaven has its head-in-the-clouds. Drawing from scenic cloud work, if you’ve ever looked up and found yourself cloud-gazing, we think this level is for you.

Both new courses also offer a new challenge in difficulty and can be found after Island Paradise.

This recently submitted update also makes room for some optimizations, including addressing the stability issues some users were reporting.

Thanks for all your support and feedback. We hope you enjoy this latest refresh.

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